"Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning."
 - Benjamin Franklin
Danielle Branche, LCMFT
Experience providing therapy services to ethnically and culturally diverse individuals, families, groups and couples. This includes work in diverse settings such as private practice, psychiatric rehabilitation, and non-profit.
Professional Trainer & Public Speaker
A multitude of trainings at schools, churches, and a variety of other organizations to inform the community about various topics. These topics include intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, transitioning into parenthood, communication styles/skills, infidelity and forgiveness, body image and self-esteem, etc.  
8 years of extensive experience providing doula services prenatal, labor/delivery and postpartum. Knowledge about the process of preganancy, childbirth, breast-feeding, and much more. 

If you ask any therapist why they were drawn to this profession, most of them would answer with, "I wanted to help people". While this is true, it is much deeper. Danielle wanted to help people navigate through life in more fulfilling ways. She aspired to teach people how to be in relationship with their mothers and fathers. Danielle wanted to give couples the tools they need to be the husbands and wives they want to be, not the husbands and wives their parents were. Working out of Baltimore County, she is committed to doing this.

Danielle's main focus is working with Couples around issues of trust, communication, forgiveness after infidelity, intimacy, sex and decision making (finances, children, etc.). She does pre-marital therapy and marital/relational enrichment. Danielle mainly uses Emotion-Focused Therapy & Solution-Focused Therapy.


Danielle also sees individuals and does group therapy. As a licensed graduate marriage and family therapist, Danielle is trained in understanding how to see things relationally, not just individually. She is versed in locating where behaviors, beliefs, ideas, and feelings originate, how they affect our lives and relationships, and how to effectively manage and/or change them.


Along with therapy services, Danielle offers professional doula and training services. She also writes a blog that discusses many things including "keys to communication", "rekindling your sexual relationship", and much more. 


"Danielle's presentation was a show stopper. She was able to maintain the audience's attention and keep everyone engaged."

- Kathy Shields at Brown Memorial Baptist Church
 "I was impressed by the expertise and presentation skills of Danielle Branche. She is such a dynamic presenter, involving the audience, and conveying lots of information about domestic violence with such skill as to not cause secondary trauma in volunteers."

- Laura Yeomans at Catholic Charities; St. Camillus

"Thank you so much for all of the genuine love and support you showed to us during this life changing experience. We will never forget the impact you made." 

- Marlon & Ardyn Barton Doula Services Client
"Branche's of Life has really helped us to re-connect. We had been having a hard time communicating and REALLY hearing each other. Now, we know what it means to listen, understand and connect with what the other person is expressing." 

-Anonymous Couple Marital Enrichment Couple's Therapy
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