"Every woman is a gift when she becomes a daughter. Every woman is special when she becomes a wife. Every woman is a God when she becomes a mother." 
       - Vivek Thangaswamy
Doula Services
Why get a Doula?
  • If you have a desire to have a natural birth (decrease need for pain medication and other interventions)
  • To have a higher satisfaction with birth outcomes
  • To reduce the length of your labor and birth
  • To engage & support your  partner in the labor and birthing process (Partner as an active part of the process instead of just an "eye-witness")
  • And so much MORE!!
What if I told you about something that could decrease your chance of a c-section, vacuum or forceps assisted delivery? What if I explained that the same thing could also make you less likely to use medication during your delivery process? Then I sat you down and went even further saying that it could decrease your laboring time by an average of 2 hours and ensure that you have a satisfying birth experience?!! Well a Doula can do all of this and more.
What is a Doula?
Services Include:
Prenatal Support:
  • An initial interview so we can get to know one another
  • 3 prenatal home visits throughout pregnancy
  • OB prenatal visit (extended package only)
  • Periodic phone check-ins in the third trimester
  • 24/7 on-call availability from week 38 until labor
  • Support via phone and email throughout pregnancy
  • Assistance in assessing and reviewing your birth preferences 
  • Create a birthing plan

Labor & Delivery Support:
  • Support laboring at home before moving to your birth location (if applicable)
  • Stay with the birthing mother throughout her labor
  • Protect the sanctity of your birth space and create an environment that welcomes birth (i.e. lowering the lights, playing music of your preference, adjusting the temperature, etc.)
  • Provide physical comfort measures and pain-coping techniques such as massage, acupressure, use of warm/cold compresses, and suggestions for laboring and birthing positions
  • Facilitate communication between the mother, her partner and her care providers
  • Encourage the mother's partner to participate in the birth at their comfort level

Postpartum Support:
  • An initial postpartum visit two to three days after the birth (extended package only)
  • A second postpartum visit two weeks after the birth (extended package only)
The word "doula" comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves" and is now used to refer to a trained and experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother and her family before, during and just after birth.
A doula also educates mother and partner about the pregnancy and childbirth process. They help the family understand all of their options so that they can make informed decisions. A doula will collaborate with both partner and doctors/nurses to ensure that all of the families needs are met. Advocation is another big part of what a doula does, ensuring that the informed decisions that the family have made are being heard, respected and carried out.
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