Fees for Services

  1. Therapy Services
    Couples & Individual Therapy: $120/ 50 minute session $180/90 minute session Group Therapy: $40/ 60 minute group $60/ 90 minute group
  2. Doula Services
    Standard Package: $800 Extended Package: $1000
  3. Trainings
    Personalized Training: Training/workshop - $150/hour Half-Day symposium - $500 **Online Training coming soon**
  4. Insurance Coverage
    We only accept Carefirst insurance. For all other insurance policy holders, I am an "out of network" provider meaning that I do not accept insurance. However, if your insurance company reimburses for therapy, I will give you or your insurance company all the paperwork (receipts) needed. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about reimbursement. If your participation in therapy is dependent on whether insurance can participate in the funding of it, I am willing to discuss other payment options (i.e. payment plans).

***I understand that the fees for this service are not feasible for every organization. If this is true for you, please contact me directly for sliding scale information*** 

***If your participation in therapy is dependent on whether insurance can participate in the funding of it, please contact me to discuss other funding options.*** 

Frequently Asked Questions
Can you be my doula without being present at my labor & delivery?

*Yes! If you are interested only in the preparatory portion of Doula services, the fee for labor/delivery support will be excluded from your total price. 
How long does therapy last?

*This depends on multiple things including what the issues are, your schedule, and how often you can consistenly attend therapy. I have had clients who do "short-term" therapy for 3-6 months and have also had clients for multiple years. 
Can you see me individually and also see my partner and I as a couple?

*Yes & No. I can see you as a couple and do individual sessions with the couple as the "focus" of treatment. If you'd like both individual therapy and separate couples therapy, I can provide the service for one and refer you to a colleague for the other. 
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