Couples Therapy

“Being the 'best you can be' is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another. Splendid isolation is for planets, not people.” 
       ― Sue Johnson, Love Sense 

Couples therapy at Branches of Life, LLC is for dating, pre-marital (engaged), married, etc. couples who either are in conflict or simply want to enrich and enhance their relationship. Therapy can be done in 50 minute sessions (standard) or 90 minute sessions (a good option for those who may be able to only come in once or twice a month or if there are extensive issues that may require more time).

Reason's that couples may come to therapy to explore include:

  • Improved communication & connection
  • Overcoming Infidelity 
  • Building trust
  • General healing and enrichment
  • Increased Intimacy (wanting to freshen things up)
  • Sex therapy
  • Transitioning into parenthood
  • Making big decisions (finances, children, etc.)
  • The final stay or not to stay

Branches of Life, LLC mainly utilizes emotionally-focused therapy (EFT), bowenian theory, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and solution-focused therapy. 
Pre-marital Counseling 
Couples in Conflict
The decision to get married is one of the most important decisions to make. Pre-marital therapy is a process to help in that desicion. This is a process in which the couple can express and explore their expectations , hopes , dreams , values , disappointments , compatibility, etc. This is a short-term therapuetic process filled with fun and interesting tests & assessments about compatibility, values, and so much more. This can be spiritually-based if clients prefer, but certainly does not have to be. A successful marriage starts before you say "I do". Invest in your future today. 
Many couples come in to therapy to make the final decision "to stay or not to stay". For some, this is the last thing that they may be willing to try before ending the relationship. Many have experienced infidelity, long-term communication issues, lack of intimacy and more. I am here to help both parties come to a decision about what would be best for them individually and as a unit.
Marital Enrichment
Sex Therapy
You do not have to have a specific conflict or crisis to participate in couples therapy. Many married couples simply want to enrich their relationship. Offered as couples therapy or in a multi-couple group environment, this is a process in which married couples explore and strengthen their relatioships. Some of the goals include the following:

  • Increase effective communication in the relationship (both listening and expression)
  • Increase awareness of strengths within the relationship
  • Increase appreciation of the relationship and of the other partner
  • Develop awareness of what both partners need and want
  • Increase the level of love, kindness, connection, safety, emotional bonding and overall happiness in the relationship

Though all forms of couples therapy will have some focus on the sexuality and intimacy of the couple, it is the main focus in sex therapy. Sex therapy can also be done as an individual therapy option. Common goals in sex therapy include: 

  • Treatment of a sexual issues (low libido, erectile and/or ejaculation issues, painful sex, sexual addictions, etc.)
  • Regaining an active, healthy and satisfying sex/intimate life 
  • Healing from sexual assault trauma
  • Increase overall sexual confidence
  • Healing sexual relationship after infidelity
  • Aligning psychological and physical being (releasing negative/unrealistic thoughts)
  • Explore beliefs about sex and intimacy
  • More understanding and awareness of both partners' intimate and sexual needs. 
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