Couples Therapy
Couples therapy at Branches of Life, LLC is for dating, pre-marital (engaged), married, etc. couples who either are in conflict or simply want to enrich and enhance their relationship.

Reason's that couples may come to therapy include:

  • Improving communication
  • Overcoming Infidelity 
  • Building trust
  • General healing and enrichment
  • Increasing Intimacy "freshening things up"
  • Sex therapy
  • Transitioning into parenthood
  • Making big decisions (finances, children, etc.)
  • The final stay or not to stay
Individual Therapy
Having trouble forgiving that person who hurt you? Tired of the overwhelming sadness in your life? In individual therapy, we will, in a safe and confidential space, work through issues of past trauma and begin to heal wounds that are either long-standing or new. We will take a journey of self-exploration and self-discovery with you as the leader. As a therapist, I will serve as a supportive and experienced "helper" in YOUR process of therapy.

Issues that many clients choose to focus on include:

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Processing and healing trauma
  • Anger management
  • Creating life and/or career goals
  • General self-exploration and development
  • Grief and loss
  • And much more!! 
Group Therapy
Group therapy is the most cost effective and communal way to participate in therapy. Benefits of group therapy include a shared experience, feeling of likeness (that you are not alone), hightened accounatibilty, peer learning, support and network building and so much more.

Group topics include:

  • Depression & anxiety
  • Trauma support 
  • General self-exploration and development
  • Social/Relationship skill building (i.e. communication)
  • Self-esteem building
  • And much more!!
Doula Services

What if I told you about something that could decrease your chance of a c-section, vacuum or forceps assisted delivery? What if I explained that the same thing could also make you less likely to use medication during your delivery process? Then I sat you down and went even further saying that it could decrease your laboring time by an average of 2 hours and ensure that you have a satisfying birth experience?!! Well a Doula can do all of this and more.

Services Include:
  • Prenatal, Labor/Delivery, and Postpartum Support
  • An initial interview/visit so we can get to know one another
  • 2 prenatal home visits throughout pregnancy
  • Periodic phone check-ins in the third trimester
  • Stay with the birthing mother throughout her labor
  • Protect the sanctity of your birth space and create an environment that welcomes birth (i.e. lowering the lights, playing music of your preference, adjusting the temperature, etc.)
  • Provide physical comfort measures and pain-coping techniques such as massage, acupressure, use of warm/cold compresses, and suggestions for laboring and birthing positions
  • Facilitate communication between the mother, her partner and her care providers
  • Encourage the mother's partner to participate in the birth at their comfort level

Danielle has done a multitude of trainings in different settings such as churches, schools, and professional organizations. 

Previous training topics include:

  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy relationships 
  • Teen Dating Violence
  • Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)
  • Spiritual Abuse
  • Working with the African American community (in relation to IPV)
  • Postpartum Depression
  • How to keep your intimate relationship healthy after having a baby
  • and more...
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